Enchanted Designs cares about the environment. We are a Zero Waste Sustainable fashion label that sources vintage furs in good condition & update them.  In the past we worked in faux fur and slowly the made the transition to vintage fur.

Which is more ethical? 

Faux Fur - the process used to make faux fur is highly toxic
Vintage Fur -  is BIODEGRADABLE.


Faux fur (fake fur) and most synthetics are made from petrochemicals. Like other plastics, these materials do not break down easily and will remain in landfills for centuries. It’s been argued that faux fur is more harmful to the planet than real fur because it’s made of plastic. Vintage fur is superior to its faux counterpart because it is an upcycled natural product that will eventually biodegrade, unlike plastics. Vintage fur is more sustainable and therefore better for the environment than faux. Some of the fake fur is being developed using recycled plastic, and that’s great, however, it’s still plastic. Faux fur, like Vintage fur, sheds. That’s important because it’s going to put more small, tiny fibers into the ocean.

By choosing to support a local Vancouver based business zero waste fashion label, you are doing Mother Nature a solid. Thank you!